Innovative technologies to revolutionize industries—our forte—supported by some of the best software development teams in industry. Kutta's software development capabilities include a wide array of disciplines. From DO-178 or SC203 test applications & projects, to telecommunication and visualization analytics, Kutta is postured to lead or augment your software engineering teams.

The following are some of our previous software development projects:

Flight Management Systems (FMS) Consulting
Kutta has fulfilled numerous contracts in providing experienced Flight Management System expertise to the full array of FMS involving FAA software certification.

Avionics Data Loader
Kutta was chosen as the designer and developer of Honeywell's Primus Epic® Data Loading System. This project was successfully managed from concept to design through integration and customer release.

Automated Built-In-Test (BIT) Software
Our engineers have managed the development of low-level software requirements, written detailed design documents and coded and tested BIT code to DO-178B level A standards.

Data Loader Development
Kutta was selected to develop the data loader for the Primus Epic System. The project consisted of developing a Windows-based tool that completely loaded every module on the aircraft with the correct files. Kutta developed all the ancillary tooling surrounding the tool, including several database tools and the low-level TCP/IP drivers.

Periodic Device Driver (PDD) Development
Kutta led the testing effort for the Periodic Device Driver, which is the software responsible for all data movements on and off Honeywell's Primus Epic® ASCB-D bus.

BIT Development
This project consisted of writing low-level built-in-test (BIT) drivers to verify an I/O card's hardware. The built-in tests functioned prior to power-up and at run time. In particular, ARNIC 429 transmit (TX) and receive (RX) buffers were checked by utilizing internal wrap-arounds, dual port RAM was verified by walking various patterns of ones and zeros through an address space, and analog mix settings and calibration readings were verified as well. Discrete inputs and outputs (Ground/open, 28V/ Open) were checked for proper failure modes. Video buffers and UARTs were tested with internal wrap-arounds. Once all the IO BIT test were completed, any damaged hardware was shutdown. Test case results were logged into non-volatile memory, and the pass/fail status of each test was broadcast to the avionics bus.

Qualified Tool Development
Kutta developed the requirements and wrote innovative tests in order to qualify tooling for registry verification.

PAL Development
Kutta created a Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL) library certifiable as a DO-178B level C software component. The PAL encapsulated platform hardware functions (flash programming, interrupts, timers, etc.) from the real-time operating system.

Autonomous yet fully responsive to your demands, our self-managed teams sustain a flawless track record—never once failing to deliver as advertised. We thrive on results and appreciate projects large or small, attention to detail, and the rigors of aviation guidelines and standards. Documenting DO-178B processes and procedures are natural for us. Co-source your test needs to Kutta Engineers and our in-house testing facilities.

The following are some of our previous software test projects:

Weather Radar
Performed systems, software and DO-178B certification activities on numerous weather radar systems. Specific human factors and graphical interface work to optimize weather radar display and remove Hazardously Misleading Information (HMI).

HIRF and Lightning Testing
Kutta was competitively selected by Messier Dowty to represent their landing gear team during hardware qualification testing of the Raytheon Hawker Horizon airplane.

AFDX Testing
Kutta's responsibilities included writing high-level test cases, developing test procedures, and running and analyzing structural coverage reports. We helped develop the embedded "test harness" and tested the low-level Collins AFDX drivers by developing embedded software to stimulate the drivers. The project was completed in nearly half the customer-estimated effort.

Displays Testing
Kutta performed system level tests of Primary Flight Display (PFD), Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), multi-function and crew alert system displays. Automated test cases were created, modified and run to provide high-level requirements coverage and low-level code path coverage. Coverage holes were analyzed and dispositioned accordingly. Additionally, code inspections were performed on software to ensure compliance with the high-level specifications. Customer's metrics were updated on a daily basis and a defect-log was updated in real-time.

ARINC 429 Testing
Kutta's responsibilities included developing unique testing methods for difficult-to-test aspects of the ARINC 429 drivers. We developed embedded tests on a partitioned operating system for the ARINC wrap-around functions that incorporated transmission and reception timing considerations and inter-process communication mechanisms. We also developed tests for the high-level ARINC functionality, as well as the ARINC Formatter, Scheduler, and Receiver.

Boot/PAL Testing
Kutta generated and reviewed lifecycle artifacts for DO-178B level C certification of Boot software and Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL) software components. Actions included reviewing requirements, designing and coding, generating formal review documentation, generating test cases and test procedures, and performing Run-For-Score (RFS) formal tests.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Testing
Kutta participated in formal requirement review sessions, created test cases, and interfaced with wrapper shared objects on the target architecture, and test procedures. Input parameters of matrices, structures, and arrays were used to calculate and verify output results for a hybrid GPS navigation solution.

We specialize in full-spectrum Project Management. Whether DoD or Commercial, Kutta will guide your project from idea to fruition. With intense scrutiny on identifying detailed requirements, our Project Leaders offer the aggressive, innovative and analytical path to success. Set the timeline and we'll tailor our Project Management process to deliver high-impact results. Our goal is simple—to exceed your high expectations.

See below for more about Kutta's complete project life-cycle process:

Whether the project is large or small, long term or short term, or anywhere in between, we can help. Kutta's trademarked process is highly flexible – and effective for a start-to-finish project or readily adapted to embrace your processes.

We address projects in "stages" – where any given stage is governed by the process shown here:

Kutta Project Chart



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